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    Novel — Dual Cultivation —Dual Cultivation

    Chapter 834 — Why Haven’t You Invited Me to Go With You Yet? steadfast reading

    «Sibling Lan…» Qi Yue looked at Su Liqing with a perplexed phrase on her encounter, undecided how she should react to the situation.

    «Genuinely?» Qi Yue questioned again.

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    «Anyways, I’m about to just depart in the meantime, as I’m already working later for the consultations. The both of you can remain here and talk more if you wish.»

    Su Yang then said, «Lu Lifen, let me ask you this… Would you like to stick to me for the Divine Heavens? Depart every thing behind in this world and comply with me? Do you… love me?»


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    «Then why? Why haven’t you informed me anything concerning your leaving?»

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    The disciple only discontinued once they fully shed consciousness.

    Additionally, because he got pushed a week’s worth of consultations backside for Qiuyue, Su Yang thought to not return to the Yin Yang Pavilion during the night time and proceeded to grow together with the disciples all night long.

    Su Yang then stated, «Even though you reported that you really love me and you is likely to make me fall for you… do you actually assume that? I am aware when a girl truly has sentiments to me or maybe they simply want to increase with me, and right after growing often times to you through the entire many months, I possibly could only actually feel your ‘love’ for twin cultivation.»

    «Genuinely?» Qi Yue asked once more.

    The disciple suddenly mumbled, and Su Yang could see tears forming on the disciples’ eyes since they slept.

    «Come with me— us on the Divine Heavens. In this way, you can grow with me when you finally grow to be an a.d.you.l.t as well as stick to Su Liqing. Of course, as I’d already said earlier, there’s no guarantee that you may revisit the world after we make, so you should be prepared to never revisit.»

    Lu Lifen was clearly a lot more annoyed about Su Yang not revealing to her to complement him than the reality that he was making the world.

    One could expect Lu Lifen to immediately answer with a ‘yes’, but Lu Lifen stayed muted for your minute before mumbling in the lower speech, «Why is you believe I don’t love you?»

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    «Sibling Lan…» Qi Yue investigated Su Liqing by using a perplexed term on her experience, uncertain how she should respond to the situation.

    Though she was unhappy that Su Liqing got made a decision to keep the world without contemplating her, even failing to remember about her for a moment, she couldn’t really fault Su Liqing for looking to stick to Su Yang, as she would’ve carried out the identical.

    «Not surprisingly! And you simply know adequately why I am troubled!» Lu Lifen said to him with a frown, and she ongoing, «Why didn’t you tell me earlier?! That you may depart this world?! And why haven’t you asked me to choose you yet still?!»

    Su Yang left behind the Yin Yang Pavilion shortly later and began fulfilling the disciples inside the sect, and also as one would have anticipated, just after understanding that Su Yang will probably be leaving behind rapidly, the feminine disciples acted a lot more aggressively during their farming, even permanent more than they normally would.

    «Truly?» Qi Yue expected yet again.

    In addition, since he got forced a week’s amount of sessions backside for Qiuyue, Su Yang chosen to not get back on the Yin Yang Pavilion in the evening and proceeded to enhance while using disciples through the night.

    «I…» Lu Lifen established her oral cavity, but no ideas became available.

    «Then why? Why haven’t you advised me something concerning your leaving?»

    «Fine. Thank you for your work, Su Yang.» Su Liqing thought to him.

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    Su Yang then stated, «Even when you professed that you just love me and that you can make me fall for you… do you really believe that? I understand every time a female truly has emotions in my opinion or if perhaps they simply want to grow with me, and following cultivating often times to you during the entire weeks, I was able to only actually feel your ‘love’ for double farming.»

    Section 834 — Why Haven’t You Welcomed Me to match You However?

    The disciple only quit as soon as they fully dropped awareness.


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    A few times afterwards, quite a younger girl started the doorway and came out before him by using a clearly angry expression on the confront.


    No matter if early morning came, Su Yang failed to come back to the Yin Yang Pavilion and ongoing to increase with all the after that disciple, and then he persisted to perform this to have an full 7-day period prior to taking a day to relax.

    Su Yang then continuing, «Allow me to consult you another dilemma, Lu Lifen. Have your mother and father let you know to ‘fall in love’ with me, just as the way that they informed you to partic.i.p.consumed within the Chamber of Adapt to?»

    «Definitely?» Qi Yue requested again.

    One would assume Lu Lifen to immediately reply by using a ‘yes’, but Lu Lifen continued to be silent to get a moment before mumbling inside a reduced voice, «Exactly what makes you think that I don’t love you?»


    The disciple suddenly mumbled, and Su Yang could see tears creating during the disciples’ sight while they slept.

    «Include me— us towards the Divine Heavens. This way, you can grow with me whenever you grow to be an a.d.you.l.t in addition to stick to Su Liqing. Obviously, as I’d already said in the past, there’s no ensure which you can come back to the world after we leave behind, so you have to be wanting to never keep coming back.»