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    Novel — The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage —The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

    Chapter 1217 — Why Avoid Him roof call

    She could only force themselves to turn again.

    Xue Mengqi stated, “By then, I’ll have the ability to earn money from building any video game. What’s the purpose of setting the goal of surpa.s.sing ‘Ray of Light’? The Thing I want is actually.”

    She believed a little remorseful. When she looked at Gu Jingyu, she also held a far extended distance off to stay clear of any awkwardness.

    Xue Mengqi acquired never expected to be refused by these individuals.

    “But didn’t they turn down the gossips?”

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    Usually, when she investigated Gu Jingyu, she wouldn’t be capable to help but bring to mind that day…

    Gu Jingyu mentioned instantly, “I would like them to support me try on some clothing that I’m likely to pick out for my women partner.”

    “Su Wan.”

    Right this moment, Xue Mengqi urgently required a very good endeavor to back up the Xue family’s rank.

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    She was just looking to help you save themselves some difficulties and acquire a similar sport. It wasn’t as though they didn’t hold the technologies as well as the expertise to produce their very own computer games.

    They considered enviously, Gu Jingyu will certainly bring a lady companion to the c.o.c.ktail get together.

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    Every person started out speculating about the subject finding their way back together with each other.

    “But didn’t they turn down the gossip?”

    “Oh, naturally, that is alright.”

    At the back.

    Lin Yu and Gu Jingyu?

    The number of females had been very fired up. This position checked very high conclusion from afar. That they had just accessed the pleasure group of friends and hadn’t arrived at this kind of great spot well before.

    Gu Jingyu looked at them. “In another week, I’ll be bringing an individual to a c.o.c.ktail special event, but I am a bit confused of what my lady associate should really be sporting. Why don’t you males assist me out to experience some clothing?”

    Good, that might be real.

    Crooked The neck and throat also stated, “Moreover, this game is our boy or girl. We can’t possibly say that we don’t want to buy, perfect?”

    “But didn’t they reject the gossips?”

    When the a couple of them weren’t really with each other, then she’d have performed a thing terrible to Lin Che.

    “Look at Lin Yu and Gu Jingyu. They remaining collectively, and came back together.”

    “Many people today would refuse the rumors on top, and after a few years, publicize into the consumer they were together.”

    “Aiyah, I’m going to accept possibility to feel them even more.”

    “Aiyah, I’m proceeding to take the possible opportunity to impression them far more.”

    In any other case, when she considered Gu Jingyu, she wouldn’t have the ability to guide but visualize that day…

    She could only push themselves to turn lower back.

    “Look at Lin Yu and Gu Jingyu. They eventually left together, and got back together.”

    Okay, that may be a fact.

    Su Wan heard the interactions at the side, experiencing somewhat perplexed on top of that.

    Gu Jingyu said immediately, “I desire them to support me try on some clothing that I am planning to opt for for my feminine mate.”