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    Chapter 1333 — The Unstoppable Bullets bedroom screw

    Zhou Wen simply had to thank Hui Haifeng to be here. Because he was employed by him, it wasn’t appropriate for him to increase himself, nor could he get his identity for the ranks.

    In the past, he had only been joking as he informed Zhou Wen to use a flag up. He never estimated Zhou Wen to completely practice it. Nonetheless, this picture that will have made one’s bloodstream pump with zeal and ardor believed a little interesting.

    Before, so long as he exited the game, the bullets would naturally fade away. In fact, it was obviously several. These bullets would not go away into lean air flow.

    Wei Yang nodded at Zhou Wen before taking off the Federation flag on his lower back.

    Zhou Wen withstood while watching measures as his entire body danced while using Divine Robe. The halo around him s.h.i.+mmered, creating him resemble an immortal descending to your mortal environment.

    This scenario was really a very little not the same as just before. The beings that had tried out the ratings possessed tragic consequences. Each individual passed away much more miserable as opposed to survive. The Sacred Nature a.s.sociation along with the League of Guardians been able to get on the ratings right after a exhilarating test.

    Previously, he obtained only been joking when he advised Zhou Wen to consider a flag up. He never estimated Zhou Wen to truly practice it. Having said that, this arena which should have created one’s bloodstream pump with zeal and ardor felt slightly humorous.

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    In earlier times, providing he exited the video game, the bullets would naturally vanish. In truth, it was actually obviously unique. These bullets would not disappear completely into slender fresh air.

    All people understood the have an impact on on the League of Guardians over the Federation. The presidential palace had tiny affect, so maybe a position this way was a good start.

    “Pfft!” Hui Haifeng spat the mouthful of water he obtained just drunk when he found this scene.

    “That’s way too flashy!”

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    “You’re too showy… We’re both children of our families, but why do you find yourself so showy…”

    During the blink associated with an vision, yet another halo shaped by way of a fast rotating bullet came out around Zhou Wen.

    Even so, he failed to ascend the measures. Alternatively, he halted when in front of them.

    He tried all types of methods—even to the point of strolling because of the side associated with a mountain and making the bullets. .h.i.t the mountain, nevertheless it was unproductive.

    Zhou Wen’s decide to have breakfast was ruined. He could only think of a way to handle the six bullets around him. Usually, he will have to continue to keep sporting the Incredible Robe as well as the Good luck equipment.

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    “That’s too flashy!”

    He dodged one bullet immediately after a different. The 3rd certain-eliminate bullet created a halo around him just as before, but it really still failed to injure him. Absolutely everyone begun to convert numb towards a really flip of activities.

    He tried out an array of methods—even to begin jogging because of the side of an hill and permitting the bullets. .h.i.t the mountain / hill, nonetheless it was unproductive.

    Everybody recognized the effect of your League of Guardians for the Federation. The presidential palace experienced little affect, so maybe a positioning such as this was a good start.

    Before, provided that he exited this game, the bullets would naturally disappear. In fact, it had been obviously distinct. These bullets would not fade away into skinny atmosphere.

    “Mr. President, is Zhou Wen a natural human?”

    In addition, Zhou Wen didn’t know if the Cube would directly establish their leaders every time they came into the ranks, or maybe they may compose their own individual titles.

    However, he failed to ascend the methods. Rather, he ceased when in front of them.

    Rapidly, the presidential palace established a press conference. Numerous reporters heightened well-defined concerns on the spot.

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    Even so, whenever it arrived at Zhou Wen, it was actually like escorting a key education student across the street. The world grew to become extremely discordant.

    “That’s far too showy!”

    “Pfft!” Hui Haifeng spat out the mouthful of water he obtained just intoxicated when he observed this world.

    Truly the only alternative was apparently to choose a scapegoat and make use of their everyday life to take the bullet.