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    Novel — Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard — Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

    Chapter 864 robust branch

    During the time that Tangning was relocating, Extended Jie delivered some great information . She got supplied delivery into a young girl plus it acquired handed down its mother’s appearance: chubby, circular and, not forgetting, lovable!

    «Well, look at this . She’s on the verge of win an accolade . »

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    She got already found out about the relations.h.i.+p between Mo Ting and Tangning in earlier times . They seemed to be succeeding . But, why does the dad generate alone when their children was tired?

    Lengthy Jie never imagined, even though her mum-in-law possessed never utilized force to her, the hatred in her facial area was noticeable .

    She Transmigrated And Started Different Life

    During the time that Tangning was relocating, Very long Jie supplied some great media . She acquired offered beginning to the little girl and yes it possessed handed down its mother’s appears to be: chubby, round and, let alone, sweet!

    «All right,» Tangning nodded . Nonetheless, her gaze never once kept the babies .

    Throughout the time that Tangning was moving, Longer Jie presented some great information . She had offered beginning into a little girl and it experienced inherited its mother’s appears: chubby, round and, as well as, sweet!

    After viewing this news, Suntan Suling set aside her telephone and smirked before she returned to treating her patients .

    During the time that Tangning was moving, Prolonged Jie provided some great media . She possessed supplied birth to your young girl and yes it possessed inherited its mother’s looks: chubby, circular and, not to mention, extremely cute!

    «Okay,» Tangning nodded . On the other hand, her gaze never once kept the toddlers .

    The extras on established immediately described, «Tangning, from the second which you joined up with the cast, I’ve never noticed you teeth in this way . Only Chief executive Mo actually gets to enjoy this special solution!»

    After the couple reunited to get a little while, Mo Ting left using the two children . Obviously, Lu Che was ready in a vehicle . If not, Mo Ting alone wouldn’t have already been in the position to bring both rascals all the way in the market to a real far away area .

    The bonuses on set immediately noted, «Tangning, from the time that you just joined the cast, I’ve never found you smile in this way . Only Chief executive Mo extends to enjoy this special treatment method!»

    «You’re working on the unnecessary yet again . The individual you might be wasting your entire life with is me . I already informed you before you start to dropped pregnant you don’t be concerned about desirable them . »

    After experiencing this news, Suntan Suling put away her cell phone and smirked before she delivered to dealing with her affected individuals .

    But, actually, soon after Tangning transferred to the placed in the mountain tops, Mo Ting took your son or daughter to check out her, just because he imagined she’d skip them .

    «We shall be moving into the rainforest future . I may not be able to return home for just two many weeks . . . »

    «You’re working on the needless once more . Whomever you are wasting a very long time with is me . I already said before you start to dropped currently pregnant that you just don’t need to worry about appealing them . »

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    It had been originally from the rules of meeting, however, when they observed it directly, it somehow searched so normal and cozy .

    Due to reputation that Tangning had slowly recognized, immediately after she stepped in the pair of ‘Survivor’, every person had taken excellent proper care of her . Anyone subconsciously cared for her with regard, similar to a ‘Big Sister’ with the marketplace . But, certainly, it was also because Tangning was deserving on the love and value .

    That night time, Tangning transferred to the revolutionary position with the remainder of the cast and team . Nonetheless, over the way there, her imagination was completely stuffed with images of Mo Ting and her two sons . The fact is, she couldn’t even focus on the script in front of her .

    «I am hoping you can preserve it a solution for me personally . . . »

    In fact, Long Jie didn’t realize why she cared a lot of sometimes .

    While in the time that Tangning was moving, Prolonged Jie presented some good information . She experienced granted arrival to a young girl and it obtained inherited its mother’s appearances: chubby, around and, as well as, adorable!

    «Go have a bath tub to get changed . We are going to loose time waiting for you in your place,» Mo Ting replied .

    «I suspected correct, didn’t I?»

    «We will be moving to the jungle the future . I may be unable to go back home for 2 many weeks . . . »

    «This video is extremely damaging,» Tangning replied truthfully . «I already tried using my advisable to safeguard me . What actually transpired right now was an accident . »

    «I’ve already set up to get daily off to the Fei Tian Rewards . » Just after getting rid of Tangning’s injury, he taken care of it along with her s.h.i.+rt . «You don’t need to worry regarding the toddlers . »

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    Due to standing that Tangning acquired slowly established, the instant she stepped onto the set of ‘Survivor’, absolutely everyone took great proper care of her . All people subconsciously treated her with admiration, similar to a ‘Big Sister’ with the field . But, obviously, that was also due to the fact Tangning was deserving with the adore and regard .

    «Does mom and dad nothing like daughters?» this has been truly the only considered that stumbled on Lengthy Jie’s intellect as she asked him cautiously .

    «Go have a very bathtub to get changed . We will await you with your space,» Mo Ting replied .

    As soon as the few reunited for the short while, Mo Ting left along with the two infants . Naturally, Lu Che was waiting around in a vehicle . If not, Mo Ting alone wouldn’t happen to be in a position to bring in both rascals entirely along to this kind of far off place .

    «Well, consider this . She’s on the verge of win an accolade . »