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    Chapter 2532 — Affinity believe settle

    Tang Yu already discontinued crying, taking a look at Ye Yuan using a surprised face.

    Gu Mao’s eyeballs went extensive!

    Gu Mao could not assist choking when he read that. Could this child turn into a deceive, only knowing how to state this sentence back and forth?

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    The audience of disciples had been powerless and may even only leave behind.

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    Ye Yuan spotted through it with 1 glance!

    An item that the entire Tang Family, the whole Eastward Nation failed to observe, Ye Yuan spotted through it with an individual glance!

    The second Ye Yuan began, he noticed it.

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    This … How was this feasible?

    Twenty breaths, 50 breaths, 100 breaths!

    Who could treasure a perfect alchemist who could not polish capsules?

    The simple truth is, he obtained longer already observed through it.

    Gu Mao’s face in fact betrayed the phrase of sensing embarrassed about his unworthiness.

    This … How was this probable?

    He checked out Ye Yuan having a horrified start looking and reported, “How is the fact feasible? This old guy doesn’t believe it!”

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    “This … How could this be probable? His notion probably doesn’t even achieve three things! Just how can he possibly polish the Dragonbone Gra.s.s?” As Gu Mao was speaking, he nearly tad his mouth off of.

    Nevertheless, Ye Yuan’s flame controlling process subverted his perception of ascenders.

    Gu Mao could not guide choking as he been told that. Could this son be considered a fool, only knowing how to mention this phrase to and from?

    Not less than, Gu Mao had not been worth Ye Yuan’s gratitude.

    But before Ye Yuan, it absolutely was not truly worth referfing to in anyway!

    Instantly, it gave people today a feeling of gladdening the heart and attractive the eye.

    Gu Mao’s term was very awful, and this man claimed inside of a solemn tone of voice,

    You impudent child, proclaiming that this ancient guy has middling expertise! If you possess the capability, remove the Dragonbone Gra.s.s before this old man!” Gu Mao was still not convinced since he claimed by using a sneer.

    Gu Mao still enjoyed a appear of disbelief composed everywhere on his experience, but he believed that Tang Yu absolutely did not dare to lay to him about this type of issue.