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    Novel — Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School — Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

    Chapter 1760 — She Is My Idol waggish escape

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    Your vehicle price over ten million yuan, as well as the restore rate could be during a million yuan. Du Hao did not lack funds at all, but he was far behind Gu Ning as soon as the reach.

    “Good occupation!”


    “You’re proper. She’s also fantastic at driving a motor vehicle. I’m astonished by her effectiveness as well. She’s my idol from now on.”

    Mingzhe was an increasing number of displeased. He didn’t realize why Du Hao couldn’t conquer Gu Ning.

    “Of program!” claimed Chu Peihan.

    Discovering them pleasing Cao Yang and acknowledging that Cao Yang knew Gu Ning, Lu Jun was mad and jealous, but he did not clearly show anything at all on his face.

    “She’s my idol too. Oh yeah, Cao Yang, given that you know her, why never you introduce her to us? We should make close friends along with her likewise.”

    “Will she mind?” asked Cao Yang worriedly, while he really desired to promote evening snacks with Gu Ning.

    Mingzhe have also been displeased every time they looked to assist Gu Ning.

    “Don’t fret, given that you’ve option on our employer, we are able to have night time snacks together with each other after our boss is the winner,” claimed Chu Peihan. She experienced a very good perception of Cao Yang and the pals, since he supported and defended Gu Ning right away.

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    Du Hao do his finest aiming to run after Gu Ning up, but unfortunately he was still behind her irrespective of how he experimented with.

    Section 1760: She Actually Is My Idol

    They can manage to pay for a sports car which charge millions of yuan, in order that they did not treasure a number of thousand yuan in any respect.

    Section 1760: She Is My Idol

    “Cao Yang, you was aware that she would earn prior to when the video game started off, proper?” somebody requested.


    Even though Gu Ning was at edge right this moment, it did not indicate the circumstance wouldn’t transform. Even so, the initial a multitude of yards mattered a great deal. When the motor vehicle in front was fast adequate, it will be unattainable for the automobile behind to hook up.

    Du Hao was actually a terrific car owner far too, but he wasn’t the same as Gu Ning. If Gu Ning wasn’t his compet.i.tor, other individuals could imagine that his driving skills have been great. On the other hand, Gu Ning already set a great model and overshadowed him. Hence, at this time, people who supported Du Hao considered help Gu Ning, because they had been all astounded by her ability to drive and didn’t are concerned about the funds they will eliminate.

    “Don’t you feel she’s pretty using an oxygen of self-assurance? This type of gal like her is unquestionably a G.o.ddess,” stated Cao Yang, but he did not inform them Gu Ning’s ident.i.ty.

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    Chu Peihan and her good friends ended up excited far too, but they also were concious of Gu Ning’s ability, hence they did not believe it turned out amazing.

    Du Hao became a excellent car owner far too, but he wasn’t much like Gu Ning. If Gu Ning wasn’t his compet.i.tor, people may believe that his driving skills were fantastic. Nonetheless, Gu Ning already set an ideal example of this and overshadowed him. For that reason, currently, those who backed Du Hao considered help and support Gu Ning, as they were actually all impressed by her ability to drive and didn’t cherish the bucks they might reduce.

    In fact, it turned out only a motor vehicle competition, and n.o.physique planned to kick the bucket, so normally individuals wouldn’t strike each other well on intention. n.o.entire body thought about being linked to major issues of course.

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    “She’s my idol far too. Oh, Cao Yang, as you know her, why don’t you create her to us? We want to make associates with her at the same time.”

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    “Of training course!” reported Chu Peihan.

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    Du Hao acquired anxious. To be a skilled sporting person, if he misplaced the race to an everyday lady, his status might be ruined as soon as the reports went abroad.

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    “Will G.o.ddess Gu become a member of us?” inquired Cao Yang.

    “Right, do not stress, we won’t do anything unkind to injured her. We only desire to make associates together.”