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    Your water heater will be probably the most important part of your homes plumbing system. A new properly maintained heater can last by ten to 20 years or additional. However a heater not properly maintained can fail in 4 to 6 years. The condition of the particular drinking water throughout your area along with the location of typically the heater in your home are out of your handle, but proper upkeep of the water heater and your water lines system is essential to heater durability and safety.

    This article gives you a summary of items to check for equally tank type and even tankless water heating elements. To get better results as you go through typically the steps in examining your heater, have got the slightest doubt within your ability, get some sort of professional, licensed plumbing technician involved! You happen to be dealing with warm water, natural gas, plus electricity!

    Tank Variety Water Heater Maintenance:

    Vent out (Gas Water Heating units Only)

    The vent out should be typically the same diameter while the draft diverter on the heater tank.

    The port should go generally «up and out» the ceiling.

    Exactly where is passes by way of the exterior walls, the vent need to be double-walled.

    Vent sections should be screwed together using a minimum three screws per part.

    Note: Bad vent out pipe connections can certainly fall apart plus lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, the silent and deadly petrol!

    Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (T&P Valve)The T&P regulators is designed in order to prevent the heater from exploding if the particular water pressure or even temperature exceeds safe limits.

    Chin up the particular handle on the control device and water should flow out in addition to stop when a person release the deal with.

    The T&P control device includes a drain collection which will go lower to about 6″ from the ground or be plumbed outside your house.

    Note: Water leaking out of the T&P drain line can signal a bad T&P valve, large water pressure, or even a malfunctioning thermal enlargement device.

    Water Pressure (All Water Heaters)

    Water pressure more than 80 pounds each square inch (psi) can damage heating elements plus your piping. It can also damage plumbing appliances, lavatories, and your features.

    Note: One free items that your particular have superior water pressure will be once the T&P Device within the heater starts off opening and closing.

    Outer Normal water Heater Metal Cover & Plumbing Fittings

    Inspect the heaters outer sheet metal shell for leaking or rusting.

    Inspect the plumbing furnishing on the heaters for corrosion, corrosion, or water spotting.

    Note: Rusty fixtures or discolored cover is a telltale sign that a leak exists!

    Temperatures Control

    Inspect the particular heater temperature control dial to guarantee its set in the correct water temperature.

    The ideal drinking water temperature is 120� Fahrenheit.

    Note: Anything above 120� Degrees fahrenheit greatly increases scalding risk, energy work with, and sediment build-up in the bottom of the heater!

    Combustion Chamber (Gas Water Heaters)

    Switch the gas device control to «pilot position».

    Remove the outer access car or cover upon the side involving the heater.

    Examine Car Upholstery Cleaning Aurora CO from the chamber for large rusting, water marking, or pitting.

    Come back the gas control device control back in order to the «on position».

    Note: Black soot in the combustion slot provided means drafting problems, combustion problems, fume problems, and the fire hazard!

    Pedestal Base (Gas Normal water Heaters)

    Make sure the pedestal base the heating unit rests on is stable and helps the unit.

    The particular typical pedestal will keep the underside with the heater with least 18″ off of the floor.

    Be aware: A newer water heaters may have the «filtered combustion chamber» that is expected to resolve the need for a new pedestal. Check the particular owner’s manual with regard to your heater.

    Empty Valve

    Open the drain valve to be able to insure that nutrient sediment, anode sludge, or rust has not clogged your heating elements drain.

    Drain Flood Pan

    If your own heater is in the 2nd ground above living area that should have some sort of drain pan.

    The particular drain pan should be plumbed in order to the outside associated with your house.

    Inspect the condition of the drain pan, fixtures, and piping for the outside.

    Corrosive Smoke (Gas Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heaters)

    Water heating units draw air inside for combustion as well as the quality of typically the air is crucial.

    Corrosive liquids, hydrogen, or acids saved near a heating unit can lead in order to corrosive air.

    Take note: Corrosive air driven to the burner could prematurely corrode the particular heater.